Written by;
Syeda Waliya Zafar

Tearing across the pitch black night sky,the thunderbolts lit up the city after every few seconds,making me wonder if the gods above were at war with each other. What else could sound so dreary? Through the broken glass in my window, raindrops rushed in, bringing in the earthly fragrance of a typical rainy night with them.

In a town where rain had now become a daily ritual, it was surprising how the splattering and splashing of raindrops still laid everyone and everything on death’s scale, melodically playing its own music of beads of water pounding here and splashing there…Oh,it was all so breathtaking!

The street light fluctuated every now and then,casting angry shadows on the wall right outside my window, like glares showing its disapproval of wasting away yet another night letting the town blanket itself in the dull and never ending rain. Nothing seemed to be happy really,just helplessly, vulnerably waiting for daybreak…for a faint shadow of the sun…anything promising, anything warm. It was easy in the dead of night to differentiate between the musical notes nature played – a splash and a spatter,a clink and a thud, all in sync with the lightening slicing through the tar black sky -joy oh joy!

One could imagine the numbness of a cold night like this climbing up their spine,chilling them through and through,while the cold water seeped through the soles,unable to keep the monster of a rainy night from soaking every inch of their skin…such helpless weaklings nature makes out of men. Hour after hour of water pouring down endlessly, leaving a beautiful glow on the pavement and the trees, a never ending blanket of black covering the sky with no sign of colour as far as the eye could see. Bleak yet picturesque, the scene made me wonder,will the downpour ever stop? Will we ever see colours…again?


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