Written by;
Anousha Qureshi


The sun. You loved it when its rays would stir in a delicious warmth from inside you, as you’d let down your hair and bask in a few minutes of anbsolute, wintry bliss. You’d always preferred winters; and the early morning free blocks your college offered you were solely utilised for the purpose of rushing to the jagged, somewhat levelled football field concealed behind the Junior Section’s building, to enjoy the winter sun.

Today was no exception from the rest, since you had the first two blocks free as your timetable read. It was finals’ week and you sincerely wanted to mentally absorb the formulae list you had in your stiff, cold fingers. The assembly bell was dismissed and everyone dispered around the ground for last minute revisions and discussions. The only exception to the generally normal routine was, as you trudged your shivering frame to the field, was the eerie attention you felt on yourself. You’d sensed it since the assembly, but dismissed it as your senses becoming hazy after the all nighters you’d pulled for the exams. As your shoes crunched against the gravel paved sidewalk leading to the bleachers; you could feel the aura getting stronger, as though it was marking you as its next target. Why would your brain even think that way? You paused. And so did the mysterious entity. A subtle shiver creepes up your spine and it came as a hushed whisper to you, that you did not hear the being walk right up behind you. Your back was erect against what you felt would be its chest, but you felt nothing solid. Your eyes darted across the sparse chunk of grass beneath you and your breathing shallowed. It stood tall and dark against you, almost like a defined halo. You decided to turn, and in that moment your vision acknowledged the sunlight a bit too quickly and you could swear you saw a forlorn white smile flash across what must be the face of the entity before everything plunged into darkness.

You loved winters. Too bad it was the only season you’d experience now.


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