What’s Beautiful?

Written by;
Abdur Rehman Sajid.

“Cathy see that mirror?”
I said.
“Yeah what about it?”
“See right there,
What do you see?”
“Its me, silly.”
She smiled.
“I see beauty.”
She narrowed her eyes.
“Now dont try to flirt with me
She smiled.
“I’m not,
I’m telling the truth Cathy.”
He said.
“You wont believe me would you?”
He stared.
At her.
She was beautiful.
More so,
She brought him
Them feels.
With those butterflies
Down his tummy.
He could feel her,
In his soul,
In his wrists,
His eye lids as he closed them
And in his dreams.
The ocean rushed in
The whole city wept
With joy and she turned
And said. “No I wont.”


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