Your Eyes


Syeda Waliya Zafar.
​I’ll see you again 

In my la la land

Your smile

And your eyes.

That is one place 

You’ll always be next to me

And I can hold on

To your shirtsleeve.

Mind games,

I’m damaged goods now,

Struggling not to drown

In our fights

And your eyes.

We said quite a lot,

Misreading things clear,

So lost in the moment, I fear

One of us is going to have to leave.

But just know that every night till death

I’ll think of the things you gave to me,

The secret smiles,

All those memories,

Of goodbyes

And your eyes.

So make sure that you

Take care of what I’m giving to you

A good heart,

That voice of yours,

An angel in disguise 


Your eyes.



Once upon a time,
A little girl of twelve,
With no
book smarts,
Street smarts or life smarts,
Got handed a house key
Tied to a muted orange twine.

Poor she ,
A middle child,
Felt esteemed over her siblings,
She proudly held Responsibility.

And little did she know,
Of the jagged rocks ahead
That slashed her heart,
And she bled as it bled,
Tears over past decisions
And present aches.

Little did she foresee,
The weight of expectations,
The acts done but unpraised,
The vengeance of Responsibility.

Fours years of holding Responsibility,
And she wants to be a child again,
Wants to have things easy,
Were they EVER easy?
All she wants is to
Be looked after
And feel free again.

-Namayah Hussain

Shrieks, Laughter, Screams and Shouts:
Without doubt they have ensued because of you.
Absurd ideas and out of world thoughts,
Highlights that hyper personality of yours.
You have a way of making everyone laugh,
The crazy acts of your; well beloved of ours.
A witty remark, a kind smile;
You’re beautiful inside and out.
You are a pretty and fair damsel with a smile that conquers all.
The lovely hair and the cascade of curls.
That tugging hair behind the ear gesture, So cute no idea why.
You have elegance of it’s own kind, An aura of charm surrounding you.
To some you are the closest to a best friend and to others you are the best of people.
But for me you are that true wonderful person whom I can call a close friend.

-Namayah Hussain

I hear a laugh like the tinkling of bells.
I don’t have to turn to tell it is you.
There you stand like elegance itself,
Oblivious to everything but the task at hand.
The hair surround your face like a halo,
The gentle tug of the breeze make your hair fly loose.
You turn to point something out,
I notice the smile which dazzles them all.
Your skin glows like that of an Arabian-tale princess.
The loveliness highlighting your features.
Shy and awkward? A bit you are.
Denying does not change your averting  the eyes.
The inner beauty of you encompasses everything else,
Sympathies, kind words and feelings for all.
Suddenly you look up:
Your acorn brown eyes beckon me in,
Holding a dreamy look they mesmerize me.
That is when it hits me hard,
I love you from the moon and beyond.


-Namayah Hussain

You walk past by and I get drawn in yet again,No matter how old the sight gets.
Those chestnut brown, Those mesmerizing eyes; I am transfixed.
The passionate flame burns bright in your eyes; no less than an enchantment.
That is when I realize; I need the heavenly sunshine of your beautiful eyes.

The Brunette

-Namayah Hussain

There is a myriad of thoughts when I wake up from my slumber.
A pout, a smile and a tilt of head;
Couple of jumbled up images they are,
I try to figure out who it it.
Suddenly a face forms and I feel dazed.
What an exotic beauty you are!
An aura of charm and elegance surrounds you.
Smooth skin like the finest of porcelain,
An object of envy you are amongst the fairest of ladies.
You create a stir when you walk in,
It is hard for everybody to tear their eyes away.
Those kind dark eyes of yours drink in the surroundings,
The vibe of purity and innocence around you.
A pretty little nymph you are,
You don’t move, you dance.
Those nimble swift feet coupled with a balance figure, Knock the breath out of those watching,
I hear a melodious tune, It’s just you speaking.
This much I deduce you’re much sweeter than your name.
A hint of gold catches my eye, it is a just the reflection of light in your hair.
You spin; you are enveloped in a halo.
Aah: I hear gasps.
Your curls are magnificent, they tumble down as you move.
It’s the prettiest sight I have ever seen.
To me; You’re the most beautiful brunette I have ever encountered.